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The Craig Trischman
Good Sportsmanship Awards
Open-to-the-World Doubles
9:30 AM
Singles immediately following
For more information:
Harold & Susan Scott
Thursday 10 AM
Back Field
For more information:
Don Elder
or (603) 795-2936
The North Haverhill Fair Association is Honored to give these Awards in Memory of Craig Trischman in Recognition of Craig's Dedication and Commitment to the Antique Tractor and Doodlebug Pulls
Kiddie Costume Parade Little Miss Fair Queen

Kiddie Pedal Tractor Pull

Saturday, 11:00 am
Adventure Tent
Chairwoman: Debbie Bigelow 787-6524
Girls aged 6 to 12
Available to attend North Haverhill Fair all days
Compete in formal wear attire
and in Talent Show on Wednesday at 6 PM
Be available for coronation ceremony Saturday at 7 PM
Contact Amy Crocker:
Deadline for entry:
Friday, July 22, 2016
Saturday, 3:00 pm
Kennedy Arena
Chairwoman: Debbie Bigelow 603-787-6524
Sponsored by Undercover Tents

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