Winter Vehicle and Boat Storage

Winter Storage is available in the buildings at the North Haverhill Fairgrounds

  1. Storage Prices:
    1. Campers and Boats $8 foot
    2. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, Vans, Etc. $150
  2. The cost of storage for campers and boats is $8 per foot measured from tongue to rear bumper, end of motor or spare tire.
  3. The measurement is rounded to the next highest foot.
  4. Vehicles are put in for storage the last two Saturdays of October.
    1. 1st Saturday 8:00-12:00
    2. 2nd Saturday 8:00-10:00
    3. If for some reason you cannot make one of these two dates, there will be an additional $25 fee.
  5. ALL vehicles must be removed on the last Saturday of April
    1. Last Saturday of April 8:00-11:00
    2. If for some reason your vehicle is not removed on the last Saturday of April you will be charged $25.
  6. Storing beyond the dates provided is up to the Fair Board's discretion.
  7. If you have an issue regarding pricing, storage, etc. please speak with the Fair President only.
  8. Not responsible for items stored/left at the North Haverhill Fairgrounds.
  9. For details and availability email or call Hannah Leland:
    Click here or use this address:
    Email Hannah
    603.728.8117 (email preferred)

Fairgrounds Rental

The North Haverhill Fairgrounds are available for summer rental for your event.
For details and availability call or email Linda Stoddard: 603.787.6564

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